More Facts about Google

Google is home to 3 billion searches every day, roaming 24 quadrillion bits of data.  Google also owns YouTube, where 15 hours of video is uploaded every minute.

- 8 out of 10 Canadians have broadband internet access at home (Ipsos Reid, Oct. 2009)

- YouTube reach in Canada is 70%. That's higher than any other country including the U.K. (56%), the U.S. (42%), and Germany (48%). (ComScore, March 2009)

- In 2009, Canadian online-advertising revenues exceeded budgeted expectations of $1.5 billion, and grew by 29% in 2008 to just over $1.6 billion (IAB Canada, July 2009)

- Google employs about 100 people in Canada, in addition to teams globally which support Canada and create products that Canadians and others use around the world.

- Google's first Canadian office opened in Toronto in 2002. Google also has offices in Waterloo, Ottawa and Montreal.