Getting the Message

Jack Layton sent a hopeful message to fellow cancer sufferers in his final letter, but while progress is being made, prostate cancer is still the most common cancer among Canadian men, affecting about 1 in 6. The National takes stock of the innovations in detection, treatment, and the importance of public awareness of the disease.

Friday, August 26

Men Talking Cancer

Kelly Crowe speaks with men with prostate cancer in one of a growing number of support groups, and hears about their fears of the potentially deadly disease, and about the importance of staying optimistic during treatment.

Dr. Riley's Run

Reg Sherren meets up with Dr. Riley Senft, a man on a personal quest to save the lives of future prostate cancer victims by educating men on the steps to early prostate cancer detection.  He's called his mission Step Into Action, and he's running over 50 kilometres a day, from mile zero in Cape Spear, Newfoundland to the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver, British Columbia to bring attention to his cause.

Mo-Bro Madness

James Murray combs through the Movember fundraising phenomenon, and finds that, beyond raising over $22 million last year for prostate cancer research, growing a sometimes ridiculous-looking moustache can get men talking about touchy subjects, and even save lives.

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