Genetic link among procrastinating twins examined in new study

The CBC's Chris Brown reports on new research from the University of Colorado shows a genetic link among procrastinators.
New research from the University of Colorado suggests part of the reason why some people procrastinate may be genetic 2:27

Do you often catch yourself procrastinating? You might be able to blame your genetics, the CBC's Chris Brown reports.

New research published in the medical journal Psychological Science has found a potential link between genetics and the amount people procrastinated. Researchers at the University of Colorado came up with the result by studying two sets of twins — one set identical and one set fraternal.

The University of Calgary's Piers Steel, author of The Procrastination Equation says people "value the now, the short-term pleasure so, so much more than the future."

"We don't feel motivation until just before deadlines."

Steel's observations match the research, which found the worst procrastinators tend to be especially compulsive.

That means if you do find yourself putting something off, you can make a correction. 

"Distancing temptations just a little bit," Steel advises. 

For more on the study and on some procrastination-busting tricks, click on the video link above to watch Brown's report on The National