Fisher-Price recalls millions of products

Fisher-Price is recalling millions of children's products in the U.S. and Canada because of safety concerns.

Fisher-Price is recalling more than 10 million tricycles, toys and high chairs over safety concerns.

Fisher-Price has recalled the Little People Wheelies Stand 'n Play Rampway because the wheel on some models can detach, posing a choking hazard. ((U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) )
The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday that two of the products being recalled involved injuries.

In the recall of about seven million Fisher-Price Trikes and Tough Trikes toddler tricycles, the agency is aware of 10 reports of children being hurt. Six required medical attention.

The trikes — some featuring popular characters such as Dora the Explorer and Barbie — have a protruding plastic ignition key near the seat that children can strike, sit on or fall on, leading to injuries that the commission said can include genital bleeding.


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Fisher-Price is also recalling more than one million Healthy Care, Easy Clean and Close to Me High Chairs, after 14 reports of problems. Seven children needed stitches, the commission said.

The pegs on the back of the high chairs can be used to store the tray, but children can fall on them, resulting in cuts and other injuries.

Commission chair Inez Tenenbaum said manufacturers need to do more to build safety into their products before they reach store shelves. But she also praised Fisher-Price for "taking the right steps by agreeing to these recalls and offering consumers free repairs or replacement."

Other Fisher-Price recalls

  • More than 2.8 million Baby Playzone Crawl & Cruise Playground toys.
  • Baby Playzone Crawl & Slide Arcade toys.
  • Baby Gymtastics Play Wall toys.
  • Ocean Wonders Kick & Crawl Aquarium toys.
  • 1-2-3 Tetherball toys and Bat & Score Goal toys.

The valve of the inflatable ball on the toys can come off and pose a choking hazard to children, the commission said. The agency said there were more than 50 reports of the valves coming off the balls.

  • About 100,000 Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand 'n Play Rampway toys.

The wheels on the purple and green cars can come off, posing a choking hazard.    Consumers can visit the company's website at for more information on the dates of sale and model numbers for the recalled products.

Recalls at a glance

 Product Numbers sold Dates sold Hazard Reports/Injuries
Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand 'n Play Rampway

8,000 in Canada

100,000 in U.S.

Between April 2010 and September 2010The wheels on the purple and green cars can come off; these small components pose a choking hazard to young children. Two reports of wheels coming off, including one in Canada. No reported injuries.
Trikes and Tough Trikes Toddler Tricycles

150,000 in Canada

7 million in U.S.

Between January 1997 and September 2010A child can strike, sit, or fall on the protruding ignition key, resulting in serious injury including genital bleeding.

There have been 10 reports in the U.S. of incidents resulting in injury, where young girls fell on or against the key. Six of the incidents required medical attention.

No reports of incidents or injuries in Canada.

Inflatable Balls sold with various Fisher-Price products

125,000 in Canada

2.8 million in U.S.

Between July 2001 and July 2008. Depends on the product.The valve on the inflatable ball can come off, posing a choking hazard to young children.Reports of valves coming off 46 times in the U.S. and eight times in Canada. No injuries.
Healthy Care, Easy Clean, and Close to Me High Chairs

125,000 in Canada

947,000 in U.S.

Between September 2001 and September 2010Children can fall on or against the pegs on the back legs of the high chair, posing a laceration hazard. One injury reported in Canada, 14 in the U.S.