Field Notes: Commentary from producer Lynn Burgess

"Fighting Ghosts" producer Lynn Burgess shares her thoughts on putting the story together:

"The first time I was introduced to Glen Villa, my initial thought was 'You’re too young to be a soldier. Does your mother know what you’re doing?'   My thinking has evolved somewhat since then, and now, as I watch his footage, I wonder 'How does someone so young find the courage and conviction to do what you do?'

"When Glen first decided to attach a small camera to his helmet, it was so that he’d have a way of answering family and friends when they asked 'So what was it like over there?'  The footage he managed to capture represents a small fraction of his experience in Afghanistan, but you get the idea pretty quickly.  I asked him what the military thought of his camera 'diary,' and he told me they didn’t care, so long as he was doing his job.

"The process of trying to make 'sense' of Glen’s footage, of trying to provide enough context to help the viewer along without getting in the way, has been a rather unusual one for me.  Rather than be called the 'producer' of this piece, I think 'midwife' would be a more apt term.  This is Glen’s story, not mine, not the CBC’s.   We’re happy he chose to share it with us and with you.

There was much we couldn’t include in 'Fighting Ghosts,' and some of that material is here on the web for you to watch, along with Glen’s commentary.    As usual, we count on you to let us know what you think."

Roll Call: Fallen soldiers in 2008 from Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Collected here are the names of the fallen soldiers in 2008 from Canadian Forces Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, the Battalion in which Glen Villa served during his tour in Afghanistan:

Sgt Prescott Shipway Corporal Andrew Paul Grenon Corporal Michael James Alexander Seggie Private Chadwick James Horn Master Corporal Joshua Brian Roberts Corporal James (Jim) Hayward Arnal Captain Richard Steven Leary Private Terry John Street Sergeant Jason Boyes

A full list of fallen Canadian soldiers is available on the Department of National Defence 

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