Lawyers for Harvey Weinstein are seeking to publicly identify an Ontario actress who has filed a sexual assault lawsuit against the disgraced Hollywood producer.

A Toronto court is set to hear arguments on Feb. 9, and the outcome could determine whether the lawsuit proceeds.

The woman has been granted anonymity by the court for the time being. 

Her lawyers have said they want to move ahead with the claim without using her name, arguing that identifying her would cause irreparable harm to her mental health and well-being.

An affidavit filed in court said she may not continue with the case if she must use her name.

The actress alleges Weinstein sexually assaulted her while she had a part in a movie being filmed in and around Toronto nearly two decades ago.

None of the allegations have been proven in court and no statements of defence have been filed.

Weinstein, an Oscar-winning film producer, faces sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations from several women.

On Oct. 8, he was fired from the Weinstein Company — the film studio he co-founded with his brother, Bob, in 2005 — days after the New York Times published a story detailing some of the allegations against him.

Weinstein's representative, Sallie Hofmeister, has said Weinstein denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.