Canadian singer Michael Bublé is back with two new releases: a portrait book titled Onstage Offstage and his forthcoming holiday album, Christmas.

Sitting down with CBC's Arisa Cox recently, the B.C. singer held forth on a wide range of topics, including an incident —stemming from his 2010 U.K. concert series — that went viral as a video online.

Nearly two million people have watched the clip of a proud and seemingly inebriated British woman accosting Bublé during a concert, begging him to bring her 15-year-old son, Sam Hollyman, onstage.

What happened next was pure magic (Attention: note language) and a very candid Bublé tells his side of the story.

Tune into The National on Sunday to hear the outspoken singer discuss his new projects and life as a newly married man.