Toronto's musical community came together Thursday for a fundraiser to pay expenses of Parachute Club co-founder Billy Bryans, who is undergoing palliative care.

The producer, musician and percussionist is in care for lung cancer. Though in remission since 2006, his cancer returned earlier this year.

Bryans met singer Lorraine Segato in 1979 and together they started The Parachute Club. The group had hits such as Rise Up, At the Feet of the Moon and Love is Fire.

Bryans has been a producer for numerous Canadian musicians, including the Downchild Blues Band, Raffi and Dutch Mason. In recent years, he has also been a strong influence in the country's world music scene.


Toronto musician and producer Billy Bryans, shown in an image from Facebook, will be honoured at a tribute to raise funds for his palliative care. (Facebook)

Aline Morales, a singer who turned to Bryans when she was recording her first album, says he has always been generous with his time and expertise, and that's why other musicians are keen to help him and his family.

"When I decided to make an album — my first album which was released last year, [he offered to] to give some advice, to listen to the album, to give his thoughts on the whole work. With the CD release, he was a big help. He was working as a publicist, he spread the word," the Brazilian singer said.  

"He's a link between the two worlds. He's Canadian — he's from Canada, but he understands so well the two worlds…He puts a lot of heart into...bringing the two worlds together."

Dozens of Brazilian, Cuban and Latin American artists and DJs contributed their talents to Thursday night's benefit for Bryans benefit at Toronto venue Lula Lounge. Laura Fernandez, Alex Cuba, Jane Bunnett, the Samba Squad and Son Ache were scheduled to take to the stage.