A 3D conversion of Top Gun, the movie that made Tom Cruise a household name, will have a limited release in Imax cinemas in February.

The 1986 classic has been re-mastered from high-resolution scans of the original negatives and will be in cinemas Feb. 8, Paramount announced on Tuesday.

Top Gun director Tony Scott, who took his own life in August, had been keen on the 3D transformation project and had overseen the process prior to his death.

In Top Gun, Cruise plays Navy Lt. Pete (Maverick) Mitchell, who competes with other fighter pilots in an elite training program before engaging in combat with an unnamed enemy. The fast-paced aerial fight scenes were considered to hold potential for 3D conversion.

In wake of Scott’s death, Paramount had been undecided what to do with the 3D project.

It had been planned as a way to whet appetites for a sequel, which Scott was planning with Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The sequel is not expected to continue without Scott.

James Cameron's romantic epic Titanic was re-released in 3D earlier this year and earned $342 million US at the box office. It also captivated audiences in China, considered an important new market for Hollywood studios.

Top Gun in 3D will run in theatres for six days, ahead of the film's debut on Blu-ray.