Images of a teary Tintin, cartoonist Hergé's famed boy reporter, flooded social media Tuesday as people sought to show solidarity with Belgians in the hours following the Brussels attacks.

Cartoonists and illustrators created their own depictions of Tintin, a national symbol of Belgium, or recreated images from The Adventures of Tintin as a tribute.

Images of the beloved young Belgian character, his dog Snowy and even his companion Captain Haddock were shared along with messages of sadness, mourning and support.

Aside from the Tintin images, another widely shared drawing made the rounds online. Cartoonist Plantu of France's Le Monde daily created a figure — depicted in the colours of the French flag — extending a consoling arm around a crying companion, depicted in the colours of the Belgian flag. 

The image is captioned with Tuesday's date along with Nov. 13, the date of the Paris attacks last fall.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Belgian attacks, in which bombs detonated at the Brussels airport and at one of the city's metro stations. At least 30 were killed and dozens more wounded. World leaders have condemned the attacks and European airports, train stations and metro systems have tightened security.

The explosions came days after the main suspect in November's Paris attacks was arrested in Brussels.