Bringing on board a slew of baseball greats as guest stars has earned The Simpsons honours in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The hall will honour The Simpsons on May 27 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show's classic Homer at the Bat episode.

Some real-life baseball greats were featured in the show, including Wade Boggs, Ken Griffey Jr. and Ozzie Smith. They voiced ringers on Homer's Springfield nuclear power plant softball team.

Homer's boss Mr. Burns loaded up the company team with nine major league players in Episode 17 of Season 3.

All but one of the men suffer setbacks that prevent them from playing. The rough ride continues on the field for the lone ringer, Darryl Strawberry, who faces taunts from Bart and Lisa and unexpectedly sheds a tear.

Among the sidebar storylines: Ken Griffey Jr. develops an addiction to nerve tonic that leaves him with a case of gigantism, Steve Sax is arrested by Springfield police for every unsolved murder in New York City, and Rogers Clemens is hypnotized to believe he's a chicken.

More Americans tuned in to watch The Simpsons when the iconic episodeaired on Feb. 20, 1992 than The Cosby Show or the Winter Olympics broadcast from Albertville, France.

Boggs and Smith are scheduled to appear at a round-table discussion at the hall on May 27 that also includes episode executive producers Al Jean and Mike Reiss, director Jim Reardon, executive story editor Jeff Martin and casting director Bonnie Pietila.

The hall's legends game is slated for that afternoon at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, N.Y.

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