The man fired from his radio DJ job for groping superstar Taylor Swift has been hired by a Mississippi radio station.

The Washington Post quotes Delta Radio CEO David Fuss as saying he believes David Mueller's side of the story.

Taylor Swift Radio Host

Mueller is seen in a courtroom sketch during a an appearance in U.S. federal court in Denver in August 2017. Mueller's $3 million lawsuit, in which he claimed Swift's accusation cost him his job, was dismissed by a judge. Swift successfully countersued for $1. (Jeff Kandyba/Associated Press)

A federal jury determined that Mueller assaulted and battered Swift by grabbing her under her skirt as they posed for a photo. 

Mueller, who uses the name "Jackson" on-air, still denies that. He began co-hosting the Jackson and Jonbob show on Monday.

Mueller's hiring comes as the #MeToo movement draws attention to sexual assault and harassment.

Fuss says Mueller sounds good on air, but allows that his decision also was "maybe a tiny bit" about publicity.

Neither party has responded to the newspaper's requests for comment.