Josh Groban has his eye on Broadway as a possible next step in his already stellar career, but says he wants to move more slowly as an actor than he has in music.

The singer-songwriter topped the Billboard charts earlier this month with the release of his latest album All That Echoes, which follows the multi-platinum success of prior releases like Closer, Illuminations and his self-titled debut in 2001.

During a recent interview with CBC's Q cultural affairs show, the 31-year-old performer said he might consider a turn on Broadway after wrapping his current tour, provided he doesn't have to rush into anything.

"It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid," said Groban, who noted that a stage role takes time.

"It takes time, work, discipline and I don’t want to do a gimmick run. I don’t want to use my name and parachute in" for a two-month run, he said.

"Because it’s so special to me and because I think it would be a natural fit, that’s why I’ve waited for the right role — because it takes at least a year to get ready," he added.

Groban has dabbled in acting with a handful of mostly comic appearances on TV shows including The Office and Jimmy Kimmel Live and in movies like the recent Crazy, Stupid, Love.

"I actually started in improv theatre — comedy was my first thing before I realized I had a tragically dramatic voice," he recalled with a laugh. "I’m paying dues now in the acting world in way I never quite had to in the music world."

He added: "I enjoy taking small roles and becoming friends with that community and just working my way up. In the same way I wouldn’t want to be parachuted into a Broadway show, I wouldn’t want to get a role in a film because of my music… So I audition, fair and square."

Groban talked to Q's Jian Ghomeshi about All That Echoes, his emotional involvement in songwriting and both meeting and covering Stevie Wonder.