With the release of his new album Forever Endeavour, singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith heads back into personal territory.

The Toronto-based artist is known for his introspective lyrics, which has garnered him a group of loyal fans. He admits this new album touches on concerns about his own health after he discovered a lump in his throat.

While the lump turned out to be benign, Sexsmith said he was troubled for three months, during which he didn’t know if his life might take a difficult turn. He reflects on the experience in Deepens With Time, a song he initially wrote for country star Faith Hill, but reworked with a verse touching on the passage of time in light of his health scare.

For Forever Endeavour, Sexsmith worked with lyricist Don Black to polish the songs, who helped him find the sound he wanted.

In an interview with CBC’s Nigel Hunt, Sexsmith revealed he was disillusioned by the reception to some of his past albums, particularly the ambitious Exit Strategy of the Soul. He also revealed he'd written a song for Justin Bieber.

Sexsmith — whose music has been covered by artists like Michael Bublé, Elton John and Sheryl Crow — said he adapted a song he wrote at age 17 for the Stratford, Ont. pop star and tried out the kind of catchy melody Bieber says he admires.

"I don't really understand the music that he does. I remember him saying he's a big fan of Michael Jackson," Sexsmith told CBC News, adding that while he sent the song to Bieber, he has yet to hear back.

On Feb. 14, Sexsmith begins a tour that takes him from Kirkland Lake, Ont., to Ireland, Spain, France and then back through Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the U.S.