Newfoundland comedian Mary Walsh is creating a pilot for a new half-hour TV series called Rise Up about a punk-rocker transplanted to Toronto.

Walsh, a veteran of This Hour has 22 Minutes and Hatching, Matching and Dispatching, will play the aging rocker Siouxie Power who moves her family from small-town Newfoundland to tony Rosedale after winning the $100-million Atlantic Super Lottery.

She'll be accompanied by her former husband Spook Sparks and her troubled teenagers. Casting has not been revealed for those characters.

Walsh is also a lead creator, with Kevin White, who wrote for Corner Gas, and Sara Snow, who wrote for DeGrassi.  Christina Jennings of Shaftesbury Films produces.

Canwest has approved creation of the pilot, but not the comedy series. It has not said where the show will air.