Noel Gallagher's no-show at the star-studded Manchester benefit concert on Sunday has added fuel to the ongoing feud between the ex-Oasis brothers, who grew up in Manchester.

Liam Gallagher showed up in his hometown as a surprise guest for the Sunday concert. He performed his tune Wall of Glass and the Oasis songs Rock 'n' Roll Star and Live Forever, for which he was joined by British band Coldplay​. However, his older brother and former bandmate Noel was noticeably missing, which Twitter users pointed out over and over during the course of the concert.

The younger Gallagher took it upon himself to apologize for Noel's absence in a profanity-laced string of tweets. He wrote his brother was out of the country and he was "very disappointed" in him.

"Get on a f--king plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad f--k," he wrote early Monday morning. He replied in a follow-up tweet that the concert snub shows Noel's "true f--king colours."

The public rivalry between the brothers dates back to the early 90s, escalating in 2009 when Noel Gallagher quit Oasis for good, claiming he couldn't work with his brother "a day longer." Among the most recent developments, Liam Gallagher was ticked off in May after he wasn't invited to Noel's Narcos-themed 50th birthday party.

Oasis, the Gallagher brothers' former band, is one of Manchester's most famous musical exports, alongside The Smiths and Take That.

The band's tune Don't Look Back in Anger has become a symbol of the northern English city's resilience post-attack and has been belted out in many public places. Ariana Grande and Coldplay covered the tune during the benefit concert.

It's been two weeks since the deadly suicide bombing, which killed 22 people out front of Grande's concert at the Manchester arena.