My cousin Bernie: Larry David, Bernie Sanders revealed as distant relatives

The link between David and Sanders was revealed on the PBS series Finding Your Roots, which had its fourth season premiere this week.

Surprised reactions: 'What the hell!,' David declares

Clip from PBS ancestry series captures both men as news revealed 0:44

Comedian Larry David and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are more than just look-alikes: it turns out they're distant cousins.

The link was revealed on the PBS series Finding Your Roots, which had its fourth season premiere this week. 

Host Henry Louis Gates Jr. had David and Sanders, separately, flip through a photo album to reveal the relation — and it took both men by surprise.

"What the hell!" David yelled, upon seeing Sanders' photo.

"That is really funny. That is amazing."

Before the reveal, David had joked he hoped he was going to discover he was related to a famous athlete.

Bernie Sanders, right, appears alongside Larry David, who has impersonated him, on Saturday Night Live. (Saturday Night Live/Twitter)

"You're kidding," Sanders declared, in his thick Brooklyn accent. "Oh my, that is unbelievable."

He added: "People say to me, you know, they talk about Larry David, and they say he does a better Bernie Sanders than I do."

David's impression of Sanders was a staple on TV sketch show Saturday Night Live in the lead-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, when Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton in hopes of becoming the Democratic Party's candidate for president.

The guest stint culminated with the two men appearing together in an SNL skit about an endangered steam ship en route to America.