Michelangelo used a chisel to make the iconic David and Da Vinci made use of a paintbrush to create the Mona Lisa, but one British artist has a very different approach to her art.

Keira Rathbone uses a typewriter to create her work, which has included depictions of leading politicians like former U.S. President Barack Obama.

"Once I have decided on the composition, and I know roughly what I want to include, then I'm just in the zone," she says.

Typewriter art is an old skill which can apparently be traced back to the 1800s and was used by artists like the American Paul Smith. The technique sees the artist produce an image with letters and symbols by typing on a typewriter.

Rathbone's art tends to be of street life and her inspiration often comes from encounters with people while is she located in a public spot, usually sitting down.

"I'm interested in the life that flows around the buildings," she says.

It can take days to finish the pictures and requires serious precision as any mistake is difficult to remove or cover.

Rathbone started out as a typewriter artist in 2003 and developed her skills and passion over the subsequent years. Her work can sell for up to thousands of pounds.