John Lennon autograph reads 'To Karl, who strung me along. Thanks, John Lennon 1980.' (Gottahaveit!)

John Lennon's last autograph has been sold for $72,000 US by a New York memorabilia website.

On Dec. 8, 1980, the former Beatle had signed a Record Plant tape sticker, along with the words: "To Karl, who strung me along. Thanks, John Lennon 1980." He also drew a quick caricature of himself.

Lennon signed the autograph for recording engineer Thom Panunzio, who had given him a new guitar string the previous day when one of his had snapped. Panunzio asked that the autograph be dedicated to his friend, Karl.

Lennon had been recording Walking on Thin Ice with his wife Yoko Ono at the New York studio the Record Plant. After his session on Dec. 8, they got into a car to return to their home at The Dakota apartment building.

He was killed by Mark David Chapman outside The Dakota just 20 minutes after signing the autograph, according to the Gotta Have It! auction site, which sold the autograph on Friday via online bidding.

The site also sold:

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  • Elvis Presley's tan leather suit, which he wore onstage - $16,000 US.