The spate of bad press Justin Bieber is facing has prompted a bevy of unsolicited advice, including tweets from Jann Arden and prayers from Chris Brown.

Calgary-based singer Arden took to Twitter to advise the Stratford, Ont.-raised singer to take a break.

"Dear Justin B, please take a long break from your crazy career and get it together," she wrote Wednesday. "The world will be here when you come to your senses."

Meanwhile, R&B singer Brown was comparing his own troubles with the media with Bieber’s March run-in with the paparazzi.

"It's sorta like what Justin Bieber's going through right now," he told a New York radio station when asked how he dealt with the media.

"I pray for him, I pray for myself. I think we both go through it, because we're great artists, and he's a big artist to his fans," Brown continued.

Brown has taken years of criticism over his erratic behaviour, including beating girlfriend Rihanna on the night of the 2009 Grammy Awards.


Jann Arden tweeted about Justin Bieber. Take a break and lose the monkey, she said. (Canadian Press)

The tarnish on Bieber’s squeaky clean image is less severe. He pushed back at paparazzi in London in March, shortly after he was booed by a London audience for turning up late to a concert. He later fainted backstage at another show in his European tour and was taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, Bieber's neighbour in Southern California has accused the 19-year-old of driving his car at high speeds and making threats when the neighbour complained.

Recently German authorities quarantined a monkey he tried to take into the country.

The singer is clearly frustrated, taking to Instagram to complain about what he calls "the countless lies in the press right now."

On Twitter, he restricted himself to tweets about his European concert tour, and advice to followers to vote for him for the Billboard Milestone and Juno Fan Choice awards.

Arden had some thoughts about the monkey incident.

"Where ever you are JB … Stop the monkey," Arden said in a tweet late Wednesday, adding, "It’s hard being Canada’s boyfriend."

Bieber faces constant media speculation on the cause of his recent outbursts and missteps, including whether he is still suffering a broken heart over past girlfriend Selena Gomez and whether fame has gone to his head.

Brown, 23, tried to explain what might be going on with the singer.

"Being young, having a limitless amount of income, whatever you wanna do as a young guy, and then at the same time, you don't have nobody that's gonna say, ‘Hey, bro, you look whack right now,'" he said during his radio interview.

Brown confessed his team helped bring him into line.