Gord Downie's family is hoping to organize a public event where fans can honour the late Tragically Hip singer.

Downie's brother Mike says a "private family gathering" is being held today.

He said a public memorial would have to be "something that Gord would like and appreciate, so we'll just have to figure that out."

He described the public's reaction to his brother's death as "unbelievable."

Last year, Downie revealed he had terminal brain cancer.

He died Tuesday night at age 53.

"I was going to say [the public's reaction] helps with the sadness because it's so uplifting, but it actually makes you a little sadder too because you realize there's a lot of people who are really hurting," Mike Downie said through tears.

"It also makes you feel like you're part of something. I think that's true for a lot of Canadians. I'm in good company."