Ringo Starr is back in the spotlight, with the former Beatle being celebrated in a new museum exhibition and penning a children's book.

Starr, 72, helped launch Ringo: Peace & Love at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The show opens to the public today.

Running until March 2014, the exhibit takes an in-depth look at the famed Liverpool-born drummer's career, including revisiting the Beatlemania era as well as his transition to solo artist.

Featured memorabilia include the Ludwig drum kit he used during appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and garments he wore for Sgt. Pepper and Help! The exhibit also includes archival documents on display as well as interactive elements, such as a spot where visitors can take a drum lesson with Starr.

Also on Tuesday, publisher Simon & Schuster confirmed that Starr is finishing work adapting his Beatles song Octopus' Garden into a children's book. Based on his track written for 1969's Abbey Road album, the book will feature illustrations by Ben Cort. It will debut in the U.K. in fall and North America in early 2014.