Elmore Leonard’s son hopes to finish his late father’s final novel.

The younger Leonard said he hoped to finish his father’s 46th book, Blue Dreams, in an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House.

"It's been discussed among family members and I've talked to Greg Sutter, Elmore's longtime researcher," he told host Paddy O'Connell. He added he didn't yet know how many pages his father had written.

Leonard also discussed his first foray into writing, following in his father's footsteps, shortly after completing college.

"I wrote a short story that was six pages long. A few days later I received his three-page critique, the jist of which was 'All of your characters look and sound the same. They're like strips of leather drying in the sun.'

"I didn't write another word of fiction for 27 years."

Leonard, 61, eventually left work in the advertising business to write his own novels, starting with Quiver, published in 2008.

Elmore Leonard, whose stories became Hollywood hits such as Out of Sight and Get Shortydied last week at the age of 87. His funeral was held in his hometown of Birmingham, Mich., on Saturday.