DC Comics has asked retailers to postpone sales of Batman, Incorporated No. 3. out of respect for victims of the shooting at a Colorado theatre screening The Dark Knight Rises. (DC Comics/Associated Press )

Comic book publisher DC is delaying the release of a new Batman comic in light of last week's mass shooting at a Colorado screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

In a note sent out this week, DC Entertainment called on comics retailers to hold the upcoming release of Batman, Incorporated No. 3 because it "contains content that may be perceived as insensitive in light of recent events."

The note did not disclose the specific content. The publisher asked for the comic, originally set for release Wednesday, to be held until Aug. 22.

Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Chris Burnham, the Batman, Incorporated series is one of several current DC Batman titles.

The nearly month-long postponement is "due to some grim imagery that would seem wholly inappropriate given the Aurora killings," Burnham explained in online statements via his Twitter account.

"The book printed on time. I'm looking at a copy on my desk right now. This isn't a scheduling excuse, we're trying to do the right thing... It's not just a Batman comic with guns in it. There's a specific scene that made DC & the whole Bat-team say 'Yikes.' Too close for comfort."

The postponement is one of several recent entertainment industry decisions made in deference to victims of the July 20 shooting at a suburban movieplex in Aurora, Colo.

The day after the horrific incident, Warner Bros. Pictures cancelled international promotional events tied to The Dark Knight Rises in France, Mexico and Japan. The studio and Legendary Pictures also made a large, undisclosed donation to a fund set-up to provide relief and support for the shooting victims and the community.

Hollywood studios united in withholding their usual announcement of weekend box office grosses until Monday.

Warner Bros. is also mulling changes to its upcoming $60 million US crime thriller Gangster Squad, slated for release Sept. 7 and starring Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin and Nick Nolte.

Trailers for the film, which includes a dramatic sequence of mobsters shooting through the movie screen at a cinema audience, were pulled from theatres last weekend. According to industry publications, the studio is considering re-filming and reworking that key scene and potentially pushing back the release date.

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