Country singer Mindy McCready, seen here performing at a Nashville Broncs basketball game in November, is stable in hospital. ((Mark Humphrey/Associated Press))

Troubled country music singer Mindy McCready is in stable condition in hospital on Thursday, after an apparent attempt to take her own life, according to Nashville police.

The authorities were called in on Wednesday after McCready's brother, who lives with her, discovered the 33-year-old singer in her room with apparent cuts to her wrists as well as evidence she had taken several pills.

In recent years, the singer has struggled with a host of personal problems, including a battle with drugs, time spent in jail and previous suicide attempts.

McCready, best known for her 1996 hit Guys Do It All the Time, also made headlines this year when she alleged in various interviews that she had a long-term relationship with professional baseball star Roger Clemens that began in her mid-teens.

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