Creed's Michael B. Jordan, superstar Lady Gaga and musician John Legend are among the famous faces asking people to come together in peace following the police shootings in Dallas Thursday.

"This is the time to unify; our communities, our churches and our homes," Jordan posted in a lengthy message on his Instagram account Friday. "Change will take all of us, we can no longer say or do...Nothing."

The ambush in Dallas happened as people gathered in the streets to protest the fatal police shootings of two black men — Alton Sterling, 37 and Philando Castile, 32 — caught on video earlier in the week.

Lady Gaga implored fans on Twitter Friday to "stick together during this divided time" and to "be kind" and "compassionate to one another."

Legend also made a call for "peace in the streets."

Legend took the conversation a step further and included the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) in his tweets about the need for gun control.

"Are you committed to a society that is so armed that police have a reason to fear every encounter?" he posted, including the NRA's Twitter handle in his message.

Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator and producer Shonda Rhimes also called for policy changes in the U.S.

"A man with a high powered rifle committed a mass shooting," she wrote on Twitter Friday. "Again. GUN CONTROL."

Comic actor Kevin Hart, who posted on Twitter Friday "an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind" and asked other entertainers to take a day out and "simply talk and try to come up with a solution," posted a video Saturday saying he hoped he could use laughter to help people come together after a difficult week.

Warning: the video post below includes explicit language

Trevor Noah, whose impassioned monologue Thursday as host of The Daily Show thoughtfully recognized that "you can be pro-cop and pro-black", followed up with a message on Twitter.

"One step forward, ten steps back," he wrote immediately following the police shootings in Dallas. "The point is to save lives not trade places."