"Massive" and "a dream" is how songwriter and producer Stephan Moccio describes the lead-up to Monday's Grammy Awards.

Moccio, who most recently has worked alongside pop star The Weeknd and over the years has collaborated with artists such as John Legend, Ne-Yo and Miley Cyrus, is nominated for three Grammys including album of the year for The Weeknd's Beauty Behind the Madness and best R&B song for Earned It.

He says the nominations alone open new doors.

"All of a sudden, you get fast-tracked," he told CBC News at the SOCAN Grammy party Friday night in Los Angeles, where he lives.

"I've met some incredible directors, incredible new artists as well. You just have a lot more choice and that's really one of the best things that's come out of it for me."

It's a phenomenon Ron Korb, who's nominated for best new age album, is noticing, too.

"As soon as you get nominated, things just start to happen," the Toronto-based musician told CBC News. "People start to call you. Everybody you've ever known is congratulating you."

If Korb wins, it'll be the first time a Canadian has taken the category. He still has a hard time putting his finger on how it all came about.

Ron Korb at SOCAN Grammy party

Best new age album nominee Ron Korb talks to CBC's Zulekha Nathoo at the SOCAN pre-Grammy party Friday.

"For some reason my album Asia Beauty has just really resonated with people in the music world and the academy. You don't really know why, you can't really predict it or try to make an album like that. It just happened."

That element of surprise was a big one for Michael Silver, a Montreal-based remixer known as CFCF. He has a nomination for best remixed recording for a chilled-out version of German composer Max Richter's Berlin by Overnight.

If you compare it to the other songs in his category, among them a higher-energy version of the popular hit Uptown Funk, Silver's work definitely sticks out.

"It's surreal and strange," Silver told CBC News.

"I think when they announce the category I'll probably feel a little bit anxious and a little bit of a heartbeat, but it's all so surreal anyways that it's just a fun, weird thing that I get to do."