The Broadway revival of Noel Coward's Private Lives starring Kim Cattrall and Paul Gross will close on Dec. 31, five weeks early, because of slow ticket sales.

"Despite fantastic reviews, ticket sales have been slower than we had hoped for and it would be irresponsible to continue running into the notoriously difficult January period," producer Paul Elliot said in a statement Tuesday.

In the production, Cattrall and Gross play ex-spouses who meet again while on their respective honeymoons to new partners and decide to run away together. Cattrall had previously collaborated with director Richard Eyre in a West End production of Private Lives. However, despite the star power of the Sex and the City alumni, the show's New York box office has been uneven.

The show was a box office hit in Toronto, where it played earlier this fall. It opened on Broadway on Nov. 17 and will have played 53 regular performances by the time it closes on Dec. 31. It had been slated to run until Feb. 5.

Broadway revenues traditionally dip in January and February and producers often give notice to their actors in the period around Christmas. Other shows planning to shut down after the holiday season include The Addams Family, The Mountaintop and Billy Elliot, which has run for more than three years on Broadway.