In a pop culture pairing that's positively celestial, Bonnie Tyler is set to perform her iconic track Total Eclipse of the Heart during next week's total solar eclipse.

The Welsh singer, backed by Joe Jonas' band DNCE, will perform her 1980s power ballad on Aug. 21 on a Royal Caribbean ship departing Port Canaveral, Fla., east of Orlando, a day earlier. The trip has been dubbed the "Total Eclipse Cruise."

For the performance, the ship "will cruise to the optimal spot at sea," according to a statement from the cruise line.

Presumably, this means it will rest in the path of totality, before continuing on to the Caribbean. 

"It's going to be so exciting," Tyler said in an interview with Time magazine.

Written and produced by Jim Steinman, known for his work with Meatloaf, Total Eclipse of the Heart was released in 1983, earned Grammy nominations and remains Tyler's most enduring hit. It's regularly in the mix on TV singing contests, tends to spike in popularity on streaming and online music sites around the time of eclipses and is a staple in karaoke bars worldwide.

"God knows why, because it's not an easy song to sing. But it's a beautiful song," Tyler told Time.

"It's a massive song, an evergreen song that you hear on the radio all the time, whether it's an eclipse or not."  


  • Earlier, this story incorrectly stated the Total Eclipse Cruise would depart from Orlando, Fla.
    Aug 18, 2017 8:23 AM ET