After growing up playing the guitar, Jayme Stone fell in love with the banjo as a teen and has since gained fame for his trailblazing blending of the instrument's traditional sound with a host of different genres and styles.

"I really enjoy bringing together musicians from different circles...I love the detail and colour of chamber music, all the different colours of an orchestra. I love improvising and so I love playing with jazz musicians — a lot of the music I write leans toward jazz," the Juno Award-winning musician, composer and producer told CBC News.

"And always, these gritty, warm, folky sounds show up because I'm a banjo player. All of those things co-exist for me — I love them all — so I try to allow them all be present in the music I make. And I also love music from all parts of the world."

In the attached video, the Toronto musician talks to Deana Sumanac about the appeal of music and instruments with tradition behind them, dazzling Steve Martin and feeling immune to the "mountain music" stereotypes associated with the banjo.

Stone released his latest album, The Other Side of the Air, this week and continues with tour dates across Ontario, in Quebec and in the U.S. through May.