Montreal-born actress Jessica Paré is terrified for her Mad Men character Megan Draper.

When the fifth season of the hit series ended, her onscreen husband Don Draper appeared to be tempted by another women, again, after a period of being faithful to his new wife. He also was shown to be uncomfortable with some strong women around him, including with Megan’s modernizing influence.

In an interview with CBC’s Q cultural affairs show, Paré said Megan has encountered difficulty pursuing her dream of becoming an actor, which is why she sought out a footwear commercial. But the Canadian actress is still confident in Draper.

"I’m terrified for her. I wished she and Don would just be happy and living in that gorgeous apartment," Paré said from the set of Mad Men in Los Angeles.

Paré is sworn to secrecy about what’s coming up in season six — all cast members are asked to keep plot points under wraps. However, she empathizes with fans.

"What’s important to me is that the audience experience it the way I do when I’m reading the script, which is to say that I don’t know what’s coming at all, so every page is like a revelation," she said.

She added that she doesn’t know if Megan will remain through the seventh and final season of Mad Men. But the actress, whose earlier roles include parts in Lost and Delirious and The Trotsky, is aware it’s time for her to consider the next step in her career. Though Mad Men has brought her more attention, it's no guarantee of success down the road.

"I’m conscious of approaching the deadline and that I’ll have to get out there. I’m getting more attention professionally because of the job and my work, but so many other women are at that level, too."