The Green Party and NDP candidates for District 16 Cornwall-Meadowbank aren't following the usual game plan when it comes to campaigning.

Rosalyn Ridlington-Abbott

Rosalyn Ridlington-Abbott is the Green Party candidate for Cornwall-Meadowbank. (CBC)

Rosalyn Ridlington-Abbott, the Green Party candidate and the NDP's Jennifer Coughlin held a joint meet-and-greet Tuesday night.

Ridlington-Abbott says it made sense to work together.

"Because of Jen's disability and my three young children both of us have had a really hard time getting door to door. We also don't have the volunteer base that the two other parties have," she said.

Jennifer Coughlin

Jennifer Coughlin is the NDP candidate for Cornwall-Meadowbank. (CBC)

Both parties say the meet-and-greet is an example of what they want to do — work collaboratively with the other parties.

Both leaders have been very vocal about working together in the Legislature and with both the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals to get more done.

"I think it's a great idea. The Green Party, they have so many great ideas, especially in regards to the environment," said Coughlin.

The hardest fight for the Greens and the NDP is getting voters to consider them, but coming together might help, said political scientist Don Desserud.

"They're doubling their chances of getting a lot of people by having them both there. They're hoping that this will send a message that there are alternatives," said Desserud.

"They'll worry about which party that the people choose later, maybe in a later election.  At this point, it's about convincing people that there are alternatives out there and they should have a good look at them."

Liberal candidate Heath MacDonald and the PC's Michael Drake both dropped by the event too. Abbot and Coughlin said they didn't mind, they hope the four parties will get together more often after the election May 4.