Yukon Internet provider calls it quits

The owner of Internet Yukon says he's had to shut down his Internet service, leaving hundreds of Web surfers stranded on the side of the Information Highway. Clay Perreault made the announcement Tuesday afternoon. He says Internet Yukon fell behind on its bills and NorthwesTel immediately wanted more money than it could afford to pay.

Perreault says his company has shut down and his customers should find another service provider. However, their e-mail accounts and Web sites are still operating through a southern company. Perreault says that should help tourism operators and other business people.

"We did take steps last week to make sure that this dispute didn't affect anyone's e-mail or websites. They won't have to change that type of information on their brochures, or business cards, or letterhead, or anything. That should minimize the damage economically," he says.

Perreault says his nine employees have been laid off. He says they'll probably have to move south for new jobs.

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