A family that was wrongfully deported, according to a Federal Court decision in August, have returned to Canada. 

Arjan Tabaj, his wife Anilda and their three children were greeted by supporters at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Thursday afternoon. 

"I miss Canada, I miss Toronto, I miss the freedom," said Tabaj.

The Albanian family first came to Canada in November 1998 seeking refugee status. However, they returned to Albania in May 1999 after hearing the country was stabilizing, thereby abandoning their claim.

Following an attempt on Arjan Tabaj's life, the family returned to Canada in January 2000 using fake passports. Tabaj was partially paralyzed and lost his left foot in the attack.

The family settled in Etobicoke, Ont. but were repeatedly denied refugee status because of their previously abandoned claim. They were deported back to Albania in June 2009.

They were subject to numerous death threats, as well as several attacks on Arjan Tabaj, while there.

Immigration lawyer Katherine Ramsey challenged their deportation and a court ruling on Aug. 30, 2011, compelled the government to issue temporary resident permits and visas to facilitate the Tabaj family's immediate return to safety in Canada.

The Tabaj family will now try for the third time to become Canadian citizens.

"I'm here to have a new life, I don't want to think of the past no more," Arjan Tabaj said.