Workers' Compensation Board upheaval continues

More people have left their jobs at Saskatchewan's Workers' Compensation Board, just a few weeks after a severance payment to the chair of the board was criticized by the provincial Opposition.

Stan Cameron received $150,000 after he resigned his position. Now CBC News has learned that four other employees at the WCB have also left their jobs.

An internal memo says the decision to end their employment was made "in the interests of the soundest future" of the "entire organization". It goes on to say that some of the decisions were deliberated upon for a number of months.

A spokesperson for the board refuses to discuss the employees or why they left. The province's labour minister has said there will be changes made at the WCB in the future.

A report on the board has recently been completed. According to a freedom of information request, the report contains a review of the board and recommendations for change. That report has not been made public.