Witnesses place Shrubsall near scene of crime

Two Crown witnesses identified William Chandler Shrubsall in a police photo line-up, and placed him near the store where Tammy Donnison was viciously beaten in February of 1998.

That testimony was heard Thursday during Shrubsall's trial in Halifax. He's charged with robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon to commit a crime.

Cynthia Schultz says she was walking past the shops on Lower Water Street when she noticed the man. She says he looked out of place because he was dressed in ski clothes and wearing mirrored ski glasses. Schultz says she grew up on a ski resort, and was surprised to see someone dressed like that in downtown Halifax.

She says he looked like a stalky Wayne Gretzky -- and that it was easy to pick him out of a police photo line-up several months later. She identified that man in court yesterday -- pointing at William Shrubsall.

Earlier, court heard from another woman who had also picked him out of a photo line-up. Colleen Richards says she recognized the man who shopped in her store -- about 15 minutes before Tammy Donnison was found in the next shop -- foaming from the mouth and having problems breathing.

Richards says the man caught her attention because he kept his mirrored sunglasses on in the store -- And because he had a baseball bat in his bag. She was worried he was planning to steal something, and called a friend to be with her in the store.

Doctors have testified that Donnison was severely beaten and suffered from life-threatening head injuries. Police say they later found her wallet in Shrubsall's frat-house room. The trial continues Friday.