Greater Essex District School Board is closer to instituting the pilot project of sending elementary students to school nearly all year long.

The board is looking to send students at the new Benson-Taylor school to class from August to June, with extra week-long holidays at four other times during the year.

Director of education Warren Kennedy says study groups have visited a school in Brampton that uses the same year-round model.  They asked teachers how they like it.

"First of all, they volunteered to be part of the school and they look at it from the point of view of it's an opportunity for them to go on vacation at down times during the school year and save money," Kennedy said.

If all the details fall into place in Windsor-Essex, including a majority of parents agreeing on the change, the new school would open in August, 2014 and run on a year-round schedule. 

The school year would still consist of 194 classroom days, just as other schools.

"We would have probably a week off in October, we would attach an extra week at the Christmas break, one in February and probably one in the March Break," Kennedy explained. "So that's where the days would be redistributed."

Roberta Bondar Public School in Brampton, Ont., has been offering year-round schooling for eight years.

The school's principal previously told CBC News it's better for the health and wellness of students because they're coming back rejuvenated and receive extended breaks five times a year.

Many studies have found that disadvantaged students are more likely to regress during a long summer break than average students — creating a knowledge gap. Other studies show teachers are happier at year-round school programs.

The minority of parents who don't like the plan for Benson-Taylor school would be able to send their kids to other schools.