Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne made special mention of Windsor on Tuesday in Toronto.

Wynne met with her caucus for the first time since winning a majority government last week.

“We will not forget about Windsor, not by any stretch of the imagination,” Wynne said while personally thanking Teresa Piruzza.

Piruzza was the only Liberal incumbent to lose her riding last week.

“You’ve got the hardest role here today,” Wynne told Piruzza. “We all wanted you back. You were a great minister and great member. We all want you as part of the Liberal family going forward. We don’t want you to go very far.”

Piruzza received a 30-second ovation from her fellow Liberals.

She called the moment “bittersweet.”

“I’m disappointed in my own loss but I’m very proud of the team we have here and proud of Premier Wynne,” she said. “I know the premier remains committed to one Ontario and that includes Windsor.”