Windsor-Tecumseh NDP MPP Percy Hatfield demanded the Wynne government present a plan for Windsor flood victims caught in between private insurance coverage and Ontario's disaster recovery assistance. 

"People in Windsor are angry and disappointed with the government's response to the recent flooding disaster," said Hatfield at Queen's Park on Thursday. "The minister of municipal affairs said private insurance was readily available. The Insurance Bureau of Canada told him he was wrong."

Record breaking rainfall in the region caused more than 6,000 basements to flood in the region, resulting in millions of dollars in damage.

Many residents have criticized the province's disaster program as being inaccessible and are waiting for their claims to be processed. 

"Extreme weather events are hitting all parts of Ontario," said Hatfield. "Natural disasters caused by heavy rains are occurring too frequently. This government is downloading the effects of climate change onto ordinary citizens."

Some insurance companies in the region won't continue to cover re-occurring flooding and the provincial plan won't cover sewer backups. 

"How will the premier close the gap in coverage between private insurance and the government's disaster assistance recovery program?" asked Hatfield.