Windsor residents across the city will soon see a series of new street signs along Wyandotte Street.

They will be posted from Old Walkerville all the way west to the University of Windsor.

It's called the Wyandotte Corridor Project.

The signs are the project of Windsor artist Arturo Herrera, a fine arts master's student in fine arts at the University of Windsor.

You are in Windsor rose sign

One of Arturo's signs depicts the thorns of a rose bush. (Tony Doucette/CBC News)

"It’s an idea I got by driving, walking and biking down Wyandotte Street while going to school," said Herrera, a native of Honduras who has called Windsor home for eight years.

Herrera said he's trying to capture things about Windsor "that get forgotten and get buried."

"I want to bring them back visually and remind people who they are, and where they come from," Herrera said. "There is a lack of identity in this city. There are so many people from different communities. My intent is to bring those communities together."

Herrera will make between 15 and 20 signs that will be affixed to light posts. He's finished nine. They are about the size of a "no parking" sign.

They could be as simple as a stop sign in written in a different language to something more elaborate depending on the community and culture.

"I want to put signs where there is a community and represent that community," Herrera said.

Herrera received $2,500 through the Windsor Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund to help pay to create the signs.

The Wyandotte Corridor Project was one of 17 projects the Windsor Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund chose from 53 applicants, who shared $43,600 in grants.

He's blogging about his progress, which includes posting receipts for materials.

Arturo Herrera

Arturo Herrera hopes to have between 15 and 20 signs done by the end of July. (Tony Doucette/CBC News)