A collection of unique artifacts from the First World War is on display at the Park House Museum in Amherstburg.

It's to remember the 100th year anniversary of the event.

Curator Stephanie Pouget-Papak says there is a lot to see.

It includes what many would likely expect, such as riffles, medals and uniforms. 

The display has two uniforms of the Canadian Army Medical Corps Nursing Sisters.

"What a lot of people don't realize is although we were under British rule at the time we were still part of the Commonwealth," Pouget-Papak said. "Canadian Nursing Sisters were the first women in the empire to gain an officer rank structure."

The display also explores the war a little more deeply.

"There's a trench system for people to explore and kind of get an idea what trench life was like. We have a communication bunker just to see different aspects of war and we have some artifacts from local people in town," she said.

The exhibit runs until Remembrance Day. All teachers can view the display free of charge.