Windsor woman finds long-lost siblings in Waterloo

A Windsor woman's search for her six birth siblings has ended in success.
Jennifer Rosati, second from left, has tracked down sisters, from left, Tina Simpson, Tracy Masters and Mandy Sales. She's also located her brother and now two more half siblings.

A Windsor woman's search for her six birth siblings has ended in success in the Waterloo region.

Jennifer Rosati was adopted shortly after birth and has spent nine years tracking down her biological family.

Rosati has six siblings in total. Until this week, she had found and formed relationships with four of them: her two full sisters, Mandy and Tina, her full brother, Tom, and her half-sister Tracy. 

Late Thursday, Rosati located the remaining two half siblings, who had been given up to a professor through the Kitchener Children's Aid Society.

They are all tied together by one birth mother, a deceased woman named Marlene Walsh.

Rosati said she originally thought she was seeking a boy and a girl. Instead, she learned Thursday she has two more half sisters. She's spoken to the younger of the two on the phone.

On her Facebook page, Rosati said she is "finally complete" and called the news "overwhelming."

"It's official. My job here is done. We have located the rest of our family. We are in the process of making connections, building up relationships and learning about each other. Everyone is excited, but also cautious," she posted. "We will need some time to absorb this over the next days.

"But I will say, I'm already smiling at the moments we are having right now. Couldn't be happier."

Rosati and her siblings used social and traditional media to find the final two pieces of their family.

A combination of flukes, social media and the Toronto adoption registry led her down the winding path of multiple siblings, fathers and cities.

"Thank you to everyone who played a role in this whirlwind experience. It has worked! We have found them! This has been an unbelievable journey," Rosati posted on a Facebook page dedicated to the search. "We have finally found our missing puzzle pieces. Our mother, Marlene Walsh, can now rest in peace knowing her pieces are complete."