Windsor woman dies after hammer attack; son charged

Windsor police charged a 54 year-old man with first degree murder on Tuesday.

Woman remembered by neighbours as really friendly, giving person

Windsor Police charged a 54 year-old man with first degree murder Tuesday.

On June 26, police arrested the man at a home in the 900 block of Reedmere Road as part of an assault investigation.

Police have confirmed that the 85 year-old victim, the mother of the man charged, died in hospital on Sunday. A post-mortem was conducted in London on Monday.

Police re-arrested the 54 year-old Tuesday and upgraded charges against him from attempted murder to first degree murder. 

She was always friendly, neighbour says

When Bruce Moncur moved into next door two years ago, he said his elderly neighbour came over with a tea cup and a saucer to welcome him. 

Moncur said he's tried to help out when he could, by mowing her lawn or helping around the house. 

"Always really friendly, really high," said Moncur, said of his neighbour. "In fact, I did a little bit of yard work maybe a couple of weeks ago and she gave me a box of macaroons, so it was really nice.

"She had a grandson living with her and he was a really sweet kid, too, so for something like this to happen is a real travesty and I don't think the neighbourhood will be the same."

Moncur said the woman had lived on Reedmere Road for almost 50 years. He said her husband died last November. 

"She also lost a son to cancer and then for her other son to do what he did, I mean, it just seems like a long list of tragedies to happen to one family," he said.