A Windsor, Ont., woman is pursuing the Guinness World Record for most jigsaw puzzles completed and she's asking for the public's help.

Jodie Desbiens turned to puzzles when she quit drinking five years ago.

"I just decided to quit. I wasn’t really an alcoholic. I liked to drink and party and I was young," she said. "It just wasn’t so fun anymore and I started the puzzles.

"It’s a hobby. It’s calming and relaxing."

Her first was a tiger. She's since completed and glued together approximately 200 more.


Jodie Desbiens has finished more than 200 puzzles and is shooting for more than 1,000. (Jodie Desbiens/Facebook)

The biggest puzzle she's finished had 18,000 pieces and measures three metres wide and two metres high. The rain forest scene that took six months to finish hangs on her wall.

Desbiens can now finish a 1,000-piece puzzle in as little as a day or two.

"It all depends on the picture," she said.

In September of last year, she had finished 150 and wondered about a world record. Bored, she checked the Guinness World Record website and, sure enough, there is.

At that time, it was 238.

"I [wanted] to apply at 325," Desbiens said.

But even that number has since been shattered by Gina Gil Lacuna, of the Philippines. She's put together 1,028 puzzles.

"Oh, I don't care, I'm going for it," Desbiens said. "I'm young enough. I've got time."

Desbiens said she was aware of Lacuna's "puzzled mansion" and that Lucana was considering applying for the record. But Desbiens said she had heard rumours Lucana only had 300 puzzles.

"That's why I was going to apply at 325," she said.

This week, Desbiens logged onto the web again and posted a free classified on Kijiji asking people to donate puzzles in an effort to help her set a record.

Desbiens did say she's willing to pay a dollar or two for the used puzzles.

"I just thought, maybe more people would help and have them lying around and not using them," Desbiens said. "I go to a lot of yard sales and second hand stores."

Missing pieces from second hand puzzles present a bit of a problem. But that's not the worst.

"Some of the puzzles aren't the ones in the box," she said. "I thought I was doing a Winnie the Pooh puzzle for my grandson and it ended up being four women in dresses."