Windsor weather so far has been 'goldilocks,' says expert

Windsor has a reputation, often well deserved, of summer days that are hot and muggy.

Windsor has a reputation, often well deserved, of summer days that are hot and muggy.

However, this year has been so different that Dave Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada, said he's shocked by what he's seen in the Windsor region. 

"The rainy weather has stayed away from the weekends. You know, you look from May first to about now, you've had maybe about three hundred milimeters of moisture, of rain. So three hundred from May first to now. On the weekends you've had a total of sixteen," said Phillips.  

Phillips called the weather so far in the southwest "goldilocks." Not overly hot, with only seven days about 30 C, and no smog days.

That's not going to change on Wednesday, either, according to Phillips.

He said Wednesday's forecast is calling for a high of only 21 C. If that happens it would set a record. 

"So it's an exotic kind of record. But people who love to break records will be pleased by this. That the coldest afternoon on July 16th that's ever occured in Windsor was twenty-two point eight - almost 23 degrees - back in 1967," Phillips said.

As for the rest of the summer, Phillips is forecasting higher than normal temperatures for everywhere else in Canada but not the southwestern portion of Ontario.

"Delightfully boring," he said. "And I think boring is good in weather."


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