Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis says he's ready to appear before Essex County council next week and ask the county to pay for half the cost of hosting the 2014 Ontario Summer Games.

Francis called Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara on Thursday, making his pitch.

It's one of several calls he's made this week to various local mayors.

Francis is  trying to convince them that it would be beneficial for the county to contribute financially to help host the games.

"I look forward to all the questions county councillors may have of me as it relates to any initiative we have brought forward or proposed," Francis said.

He said he can't understand why it's so difficult to convince county politicians on the benefits of regional partnership:

"I look forward to the discussion on Wednesday and I'll probably answer that question on Wednesday," he said.

The mayor is seeking a 50-50 split with the county, although he's not yet sure what the total cost will be.

Francis said events will be staged in Essex County, if it contributes financially.

"Effectively the mayors themselves have to decide on behalf of the county whether there's value for them in investing in events that will bring 3,500 people to the region to discover the region from all over Ontario," Francis said.