Imagine a construction worker bursting into your office, wildly running around screaming in people's faces and knocking coworkers to the ground.

Welcome to the world of the roadside construction worker, says the Ontario Road Builders' Association.

The industry group launched a video campaign ahead of the long weekend reminding drivers to use caution around highway construction.

Though they might be well over the top, the videos send a poignant message about aggressive drivers and safety at highway construction sites.

A recent survey commissioned by the Road Builders found 75 per cent of drivers find construction sites to be an inconvenience. Those results give association president Geoff Wilkinson cause for concern, considering the aggressive driving his membership sees on Ontario roads.

That same survey found one in every three drivers admitted they are not always focused on the road while driving. That kind of distracted driving can lead to speeding, weaving or failing to notice road signs, Wilkinson explained. 

"Our videos use humour to highlight the misperceptions some drivers have of construction zones and how those misperceptions can put road workers' safety at risk," Wilkinson said.