Windsor University, St. Clair College join province wide agreement

The University of Windsor along with St. Clair College have joined a Ontario wide mandate agreement with the province.

The University of Windsor along with St. Clair College have joined an Ontario wide mandate agreement with the province. 

The agreement includes all of Ontario's publicly funded universities and showcases the unique opportunities they each offer students, the range of their research, and the positive impact they have on the communities. 

"Reading these agreements collectively, I am struck by the sheer breadth of opportunities Ontario universities make available to our students," said Max Blouw, Chair of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU), and President of Wilfrid Laurier University in a press release. 

The agreements focus on the strengths of each university including ground-breaking research that has both local and global impact, innovations in teaching and learning and trying to improve the university experience for under-represented groups. 

The mandate also highlights the effect each school has on the economic development and labour market. For example, a very large university estimated its economic impact at more than $5 billion a year, a comprehensive university's impact is estimated at $2.5 billion and a small university at $150 million.

The agreements also show how each school is making an effort to make learning better for students and help them prepare for the careers they want to enter, using tools such as online learning, international exchange programs and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

"You will see in these agreements the many ways universities are preparing graduates for careers, and how universities are hubs of innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation that are helping to build Ontario up," said Bonnie M. Patterson, COU President and CEO.