A 14-year-old Windsor girl is speaking out.

She says she was raped by an older teenager when she was 12.

Like Rataeh Parsons, the Nova Scotia teen who was bullied after accusing some boys in her school of sexual assault, she claims she was also taunted.

And at one point, she tried to commit suicide.

Having gone through counselling, the teen decided to share her story on CBC News.

She wants other young people to learn from what she and others have gone through.  

"I have a friend who committed suicide due to this kind of stuff. She was bullied after she was raped. So it was just when I got this opportunity that's why I decided to say yes because I've already seen what's happened and how it's affects people," the 14-year-old told Early Shift host Tony Doucette.

CBC News is not sharing her name and personal details to protect her identity.

The teen told CBC News about the toll this all took on her.

"I became really depressed and I ended up in hospital a couple of months after due to a suicide attempt. So it was a really really tough time. I was going through a lot by myself, I couldn't really, i didn't have anybody that I trusted."

By speaking out, she hopes others will learn from her experience. 

To listen to her entire interview with Tony Doucette as it air on the Early Shift, click the audio box above.