Voters in the provincial riding of Windsor-Tecumseh now have a clearer picture of the main three contenders in the race to replace MPP Dwight Duncan.

Jeewon Gill, a real estate and mortgage broker, was selected to represent the Ontario Liberals at a nomination meeting last Thursday. Windsor city councillor Percy Hatfield is running for the NDP and Robert De Verteuil is representing the Progressive Conservatives.

University of Windsor political science professor Cheryl Collier said now that the three major parties  have candidates, a clear picture of a front runner is emerging.

"This is Percy's riding to lose," Collier said. "He definitely has all the momentum. He has all the name recognition. He has the experience of being a city councillor. He's already been out of the gate campaigning."

Anger at Liberals, NDP

Gill, a married father of two, said his connection to the community will help him hold the seat for the Ontario Liberals.

"My grassroot-level involvement with the community, that is going to help me in this election," Gill said. "I know when I filed my nomination, I had to fight Percy and I'm ready for that one."

Meanwhile, Hatfield dismisses comments he is the perceived frontrunner.

"I wouldn't say I'm the frontrunner," Hatfield said. "I mean the Liberals, I think they won the last time by 4,000 votes, so if anything Jeewon Gill is the frontrunner."

Robert De Verteuil said he has been campaigning for the PCs since last November. He said both Liberal and NDP supporters are telling him they want change. 

"They are angry at the Liberals, they've had scandal after scandal, but this one the gas plant really seems  to have registered and also they're angry at the NDP for supporting them," De Verteuil said.

Premier Kathleen Wynne has until mid-August to call the byelection in the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh.